Marimo Moss Ball


Cladophora aegagropila commonly known as the Marimo Moss Ball, Russian Moss Ball or just Moss Ball is not really a plant, but a ball of algae from 2-9 cm wide. It is a decorative exception from the rule about avoiding algae at all costs. It is normally found in shallow lakes, where the movement of the waves forms it into a sphere. In an aquarium it must be turned regularly to keep it in shape. Cladophora aegagrophila can be divided into smaller pieces, which become spherical with time, or which form a carpet, if attached to roots and stones. Protected in parts of Japan.



Difficulty: Easy
Type: Moss
Origin: Cosmopolitan
Growth rate: Slow
Height(cm): 3 – 10+
Light demand: Low
CO2: Low

Additional information

Weight 0.0000000 kg
Dimensions 0.0000000 × 0.0000000 × 0.0000000 cm

1 Inch (2-3cm), 1.5 Inch (3-4cm), 2 Inch (5cm), 2.5 Inch (6-7cm), 3 Inch (7-9cm)


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