Malaysian Driftwood 6″-12″


Also known as Malysian wood, it’s very dense with a beautifull dark brown color. This wood is very commun to use in the aquariums all around the world.

Sold by the piece. 

Rough Measurement: 6″-12″ Long

Pictures are examples and not the actual pieces you will receive. 


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• Natural driftwood.
• Each piece is unique.
• It sinks right away.
• It releases tannins.
• It changes the pH.

Benefits of Driftwood:

• Not only does driftwood look great, it also stimulates and maintains the ecosystem within an aquarium. Much like the substrate and filter media in an aquarium, driftwood promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are very important as they break down fish by-products into less toxic compounds, keeping your fish healthy. The added surface area of driftwood ensures that you’ll always have a healthy colony of these bacteria.
• Driftwood helps boost the immune systems of your fishes. When driftwood is submerged, natural Tannins will slowly leach into the aquarium water. These tannins create a slightly acidic environment that helps to keep viruses and disease causing bacterium at bay. The tannins released can also increase available oxygen in the water column, further stimulating your fishes’ immune systems.
• Capturing the natural behavior of your fish. Driftwood exists in almost every river or lake, so naturally your fish will be attracted to it. You’re fish will use it for hiding, breeding or even as food.
• If you’re a fish keeper that constantly battles alkaline tap water, the addition of driftwood can help buffer and maintain a lower pH in your aquarium. Many fish require slightly acidic water conditions, and driftwood is the perfect way to create this environment.

If tanning is not wanted in the aquarium, soak the driftwood for 1-2 weeks before placing into your aquarium. This will reduce the amount of water discoloration from the leaching of harmless tannic acids in the wood.

Sold by the piece.

Additional information

Weight 1.0000000 kg
Dimensions 10.0000000 x 70.0000000 x 10.0000000 cm


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