Corydoras Pygmaeus


The Pigmy Cory is a Corydora Catfish bottom feeder of unusually small size. It is a wild caught specimen from Colombia, quarantined at our facility. At a maximum size of 3cm, this Cory Cat will fit in even the tightest spaces in your aquarium to gather un-eaten food missed by the rest of your fish. It is also great in planted aquascapes from large to nano tanks as it does not disturb the substrate or plants. 

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COMMON NAME: Pygmy Corydora
GENUS: Corydoras
SPECIES: Pygmaeus
ORIGIN: South America / Amérique du sud
TEMPERAMENT: Peaceful / Paisible
ADULT SIZE: 3 cm / 1.2 in
RECOMMENDED TANK SIZE: 10 Gallons/40 Liters +
DIET: Bottom Feeder
PH: 5.5 – 7.4
TEMPERATURE:  22 °C / 73.4 °F – 26 °C / 78.8 °F

Pygmy Cory Habitat

Corydoras Pygmaeus, also commonly know as the Pygmy Cory, is a small corydora from Colombia and the Rio Madeira Basin in Brazil. It prefers waters within a pH range of 6.4 – 7.4 and temperature 22C-26C.

Pigmy Cory Diet

The Pygmy Cory is an omnivorous fish that will readily eat dried fish food as long as the grade is fine enough to fit in its small mouth, but will benefit from a varied diet including live and frozen chironomid larvae (bloodworm), mosquito larvae, DaphniaMoina, etc. 

Pigmy Cory Behavior and Compatibility

Pigmy Corys are very peaceful, but doesn’t make an ideal community fish due to its small adult size. It’s easily intimidated by larger tank mates and won’t compete well for food with them. It may also be perceived as a nice little snack by larger tank mates such as Angels, Gouramies and larger catfish. 

These corydoras are a schooling fish, please keep in groups of at least 6, ideally 10 or more for them to feel more confident in their environment.

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