OEM Aquarium Filtration Bio Media 18x18mm


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Production. 

Ultra Porous Biological Filtration Media

Sold and priced by the pound. The quantity chosen is the number of pounds. 1 pound is approxiamtely 1L of medium. 


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Standard bio-filter medium featuring large surface area for colonisation of beneficial bacteria cultures within the filtration system. The pores and internal structure provide the bacteria with ideal colonisation conditions. Suitable for Fresh and Salt water aquariums. 

Never clean or replace all of the biological medium at once. The culture of bacteria must not be destroyed or else the aquarium with have to go through a slow re-colonisation phase. 
When cleaning biological filter medium, never rinse in tap water. Instead, rinse in a container of aquarium water. 

Additional information

Weight 0.4540000 kg
Dimensions 5.0000000 × 10.0000000 × 10.0000000 cm


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