FireAqua Starphire All in 1 Aquarium (L30xW31XH30cm) 6.8 Gal


For aquarists who are looking for simple design and ease of installation. The all-in-one series features a built-in back filtration chamber saving space and need for extra equipment while providing maximum water volume turnover with easy to remove media bags for filtration. Adjustable flow pumps ensure years of hassle free maintenance.

Size (cm): L30xW31XH30
Glass Thickness (mm): 5
Capacity (L): 16
Capacity (gal): 4.1

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Low iron ultra-clear glass with the highest quality silicone and detailed edges. No sloppy corner silicone here. Each aquarium is water tested, polished and inspected before it is brought to market.

The filtration was designed for maximum volume turnover while implementing a bubble free baffle for quiet operation. Includes carbon, biological media and sump sponges and EVA mat. Multi-directional return nozzle and an adjustable flow pump allow you to control return flow direction and rate. 


  • All FireAqua Starphire aquariums are made of automobile grade ultra-clear glass with light transmittance ratio above 91.5%.
  • All products are strictly inspected and tested according to ISO 9001 requirement and completely meet the FireAQUA quality standard. Each aquarium passed water pressure test after production.
  • Super mirror crystal edging and chamfering by high precision automatic four-side edging machine. Diagonal tolerance is less than 1.0 mm.
  • Standardized gluing process by high level technicians with more than 5 years’ experience.
  • Straight and sealed glue-lines. The tolerance of finished tank is within 0-1.5mm.
  • About German Wacker 121 aquatic exclusive silicon glue: high strength, water-proof, environmental friendly, non-toxic, stable color and long life.
  • Exclusive tool and exquisite tank-clearing technology ensures no remaining glue or bubble, nor scratch on the glass surface in final product.
  • Independent packaging, fully protected by hard supporting angle beam prevents breakage and suitable for long-distance transportation, loading and unloading.

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Weight 8.3000000 kg
Dimensions 32.0000000 × 32.0000000 × 33.0000000 cm


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