CounterTop Community – Aquarium Kit – 30cm Cube (6.8 Gal)


AquaSense Selected for you to succeed.

The CounterTop Community is an aquarium kit assembled with carefully selected products that are best sellers, and have a proven success rate with our in store customers, to make keeping a thriving community aquarium with fish and/or shrimp an easy task, even for beginners.

Inside is everything you need to have a biologically balanced, healthy, all natural aquarium that will provide you and your tank inhabitants with satisfaction, positive energy and happiness.

Lively with colorful creatures, the CounterTop Community is sleek in design and its compact form factor makes it the perfect living element to add to any home or office.

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With the CounterTop Community, AquaSense chooses all the right equipment and lets you choose your décor for easy success in a custom aquascape. All equipment bundling focuses on an aquarium containing community fish and/or Neocaridina Shrimp.

Main components:

  • FireAqua Starphire All in One Aquarium 30x31x30cm 6.8Gal (elegant design, ultra-clear glass for optimal viewing, built-in filtration system with pump)
  • Chihiros Energy Efficient, Dimmable LED Lighting (best reviews from our customers)
  • Your Choice of Substrate Color / Style (your customization) Please Contact us via the chat or email for the choice: Peace River or Moonlight Sand or Sunset Gold

This sleek kit also comes packed with our most in-demand accessories:

  • API Tap Water Conditioner (to condition new water for partial water changes, eliminates chlorine and chloramines)
  • TNA Glass Thermometer 6mm (sleek thermometer to monitor water temperature)
  • Hikari Micro Pellets (a healthy well balanced diet for your community fish)
  • ZL Fine Quality Fish Net 8x7cm (to help with the maintenance routine)
  • Seachem Stability (rapidly establishes bio-filter, prevents “new tank syndrome”)


  • You get to choose between different types of rock or driftwood to set the mood in your aquarium (your customization)
    Please Contact us via the chat or email for the choice: Dragon Stone or Black or Red Lava Stone or Serpeggiante Stone or Marbled Crimson Stone or Slim Wood or Spider Wood or Malaysian Driftwood. 
  • CounterTop Community Easy Success Care Guide, so you get it right the first time!

Additional information

Weight 13.6000000 kg
Dimensions 36.0000000 × 35.0000000 × 36.0000000 cm


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