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  • AS Selected Self-Adhesive Background – Matt Black

    AS Selected Self-Adhesive Background is a vinyl, water proof “sticker” background which eliminates water stains, salt/lime buildup, dirt and any other foreign matter from ever appearing on the back glass of your aquarium. The background is waterproof and lasts for years and it is easy to remove when redecorating your tank.

    Bakground is sold per Square Foot.

    How to calculate required quantity:

    Length x Height of the tank in inches.
    Square inches to square feet calculator: Size Calculator

    Any decimal in the square footage counts as 1.


    Desired aquarium background size: 36″ x 18″

    36″ x 18″ = 648 square inches –> 4.5 square feet – Buy 5units.

    In the order notes give us the exact dimensions you need

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