Mission: Our team aims to expand the presence of Nature in North America through meaningful information and experience sharing as well as responsible practices.

About us

Since we don’t live in the wild anymore, bring it home. With a team of aquarium enthusiasts boasting years of experience in different fields such as wildlife exploration, aquascaping, water gardening, livestock import / export and manufacturing process analysis, it is not hard anymore. In our workshop, experiences and knowledge are shared between hobbyists everyday.

Our Commitment

We search the globe to discover new products and livestock to enter into our inventory via the following selection process:


Positive reviews related to equipment performance from aquarium hobbyists. The product will function as advertised.


We follow every stage of a product’s creation and independently test them to verify manufacturer claims.


The design of a product is directly linked but not limited to its functionality and quality. If the product meets our requirements for these criteria, we then gauge its aesthetic design and appeal to make sure your aquarium will be as beautiful on the outside as on the inside.


We aim to provide you with the best possible price for these carefully selected items so that you may enjoy products from around the world at a reasonable price.

* Only once a product has passed this rigorous selection process is it allowed to enter our inventory for sale to our clients.

We are currently moving our store. Until further notice, the store will be closed. We will however continue processing online orders. Please allow us extra time for shipping. Sorry for the inconvenience.