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  • Marbled Crimson Stone

    Marbled Crimson Stone is a new stone that features a lot of layering characteristics with a rich, deep red coloration marbled with white quartz like veins. 
    The dramatic color of this stone is ideal to create strong contrast between the harscape, plants and fish. This stone, can also be used to make dryscapes and paludariums. 

    The stone comes in varying shapes and sizes ranging from small fist sized clumps to long and thin pieces, to big blocky 20+lb stones.

    Marbled Crimson Stone can be quite fragile, so it can be broken down into desired sizes and shapes.

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  • Chihiros WRGB-Series LED Light WRGB60 – Silver

    The Chihiros WRGB is a series of LED lamps that set the colours of an aquarium in the perfect light. The lamp is suitable for aquariums or aquascapes with a high demand for light and shows the different colour plants and animals in the tank perfectly. The wide design of the lamps makes it possible to illuminate all parts of the aquarium.

    As this lamp has various LEDs in different colours, a great colour rendering is possible. In addition to white LEDs, there are also blue, green and red ones. This allows a great colour spectrum that give the plants the best possible growth.

    The different colours of the Chihiros WRGB are controlled with 4 channels. This allows the separately available Commander 4 to control the colours individually. The Commander 4 also allows you to create a customized light cycle complete with sunrise and sunset and even a pause without using a timer.


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  • Chihiros RGB VIVID

    The All New Chihiros RGB Vivid provides you a vivid planted aquarium. It even brings out the colors of your livestock. 

    RGB in one LED chip, the light color is more real.

    The Chihiros RGB Vivid comes with built-in silent operation fans. The design is meant for greater heat dissipation.

    It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth commander controller as well, giving you full control over how your aquarium looks. Simulate sunrise and sunset through the timer setting on the app.

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  • Chihiros Doctor 3-IN-1 Shrimp/Fish/Plants

    The new Chihiros Doctor has integrated 3 application covering usage of aquatic plants, fish and shrimp keeping into only a single Doctor device, integrating all operating mode for different aquarium water volume into a single device covering up to 90% of aquarium sizes in the market. 

    Inhibit green algae and promote plants growth. 

    Depend on strong sterilization capabilities effectively kill pathogens, and coexist with beneficial bacteria. 

    ALC program is intelligent management algorithm. 

    Easy to operate, only 2 steps to complete setup. 

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  • Tantora Black Star

    –  Can sink without boil

    – This product has strong Organic acid( Tannin acid )more than Catappa Leaf and make water yellow only take 1 piece/30 L water.

    – This product can reduce PH as Catappa Leaf

    – Size 15 pcs 

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  • Chihiros E-Series LED Light E301 (With Free Dimmer)

    The Chihiros E-Series LED Light uses high brightness white LEDs in an optimized configuration, improving light distribution. The light offers high levels of brightness removing the challenges of cultivating aquarium plants with LEDs.

    Its slim lighting unit features excellent heat dissipation. When installed on the acrylic stand, Chihiros E-Series LED light naturally blends in with its surroundings and gives an open atmosphere above the aquarium.

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  • Gift Card

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  • AS Selected Glass Feeding Tube

    High quality glass feeding tube with flared top for easy food insertion and suction cups for hands free support.

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  • Tantora Nano Catappa Leaves 15Leaves/Bag

    More than just a hiding place and decoration, catappa leaves are very popular in aquariums around the world because of their ability to positively influence water quality and help fish stay healthy. The risk of fungal and bacterial infections is greatly minimized when introducing catappa leaves to the aquarium. In addition, their natural appearance is a popular decorative element as well a great hiding place for shy and nocturnal creatures. The catappa leaves will also serve as food supplements for many catfish and invertebrates. Catappa leaves are suitable for all tropical aquariums.

    Tantora Catappa Leaves are Premium Grade leaves. Each leaf has been put through hygienic cleaning process. Well-selected only smooth surface leaves and easy to store.

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  • FireAqua Starphire Paludarium Tank (L50xW35xH35) 16 Gal (No Pump)

    A good quality Paludarium will last over decades. This Paludarium is produced by experienced craftmen with starphire glass and durable German wacker silicone. The smooth edge is safe for every touch. The simple and elegant comes from minimalism concept and frameless design.

    Size (cm): L50xW35XH35
    Glass Thickness (mm): 5
    Capacity (L): 61
    Capacity (gal): 16

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